About Our Company

Madhavji ka Badhiya chivda was founded in the year 1925 by three brothers. In the early days they used to sell the chivda in a wooden basket, which could occupy only 5 Kgs. Years passed, and now we are a well-known brand in India currently having three retail outlets in Nashik at Raviwar Karanja, Panchavati Karanja and MG Road, which are most popular areas of Nashik.


We have various products under our brand including onion chivda, sadha chivda, makhmali chivda, reshmi chivda, vijay bhel, diet chivda, sugar free chivda, badhiya bhadang mamara (puff rice), masala tikha chivda, makai chivda (cornflakes), kachha poha chivda, mung dal (lentils), mix dal (lentils), masur dal (lentils), chana dal (lentils), tikhi bhel. These product are healthy with low saturated and trans fat and above all with NO cholesterol. All our products are prepared in a hygienic environment.


*"Our motto of business is look for quality not quantity"*


Nashik as you know is one of the holiest cities in India. Kumbhmela is held once in 12 years on the banks of river godavari along with the four cities all over India. The pilgrims visiting Nashik love our chivda and buy variety of our products before leaving Nashik.